Heal Your Hunger Podcast

What is the Heal Your Hunger Podcast?

It’s a triweekly podcast that will focus on emotional eating and food addiction, and the key ingredients for healing. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for in-depth interviews with an array of experts, addressing the latest wisdom regarding health, emotional and spiritual healing and general well-being. Host Tricia Nelson will challenge conventional wisdom and change your weight loss paradigm by getting to the heart of why we overeat and how to stop. By sharing her own, personal weight loss struggles, as well as her 25+ years of healing, she will reveal the deeper, emotional influences on our eating behaviors. You’ll also hear from other members of the HYH community.

Is Heal Your Hunger for me?

Heal Your Hunger is the home for emotional eaters who struggle with food and weight. If you suspect that you’re an emotional eater, or have plenty of experience with binge eating, if you chronically fight to control your weight, or obsess constantly with the shape and size of your body, this podcast is for you.

How do I listen?

The Heal Your Hunger podcast will be available on iTunes, and other podcast listening apps. Videos and transcripts of each show will also be available here at HealYourHunger.com

When can I listen?

The HYH podcast will launch December 2016.

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