Woman holding healthy food

How To Maintain Healthy Habits, Even When Your Family Isn’t On Board

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. Sure, certain things may seem simple on paper. Skip the pizza ...
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Tumeric Health Benefits

Can Turmeric Help You Burn Fat? Yes, and So Much More!

Most mornings I like to walk down to my local Joe & the Juice and get my favorite drink: Joe’s ...
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HIIT it!

HIIT It to Lose It!

You’ve been meaning to go to the gym for a few weeks now, but something keeps getting in your way: ...
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Is the Chocolate Diet Real?

Is Chocolate Healthy for Dieters and Emotional Eaters?

A chocolate bar-a-day keeps the body fat away. Too good to be true? That’s because it is. This didn’t stop ...
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Emotional Eater Issues

Do Gum, Mints, and Flavored Drinks Lead to Emotional Eating?

Having emotional eating issues means that you are orally fixated. People like us, love to chew, suck, lick, slurp and ...
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Busy Body Issues

Do Emotional Eaters Have (Busy) Body Issues?

Do you have a busybody? Are cravings getting the better of you? You’ve heard me say before, food isn’t the ...
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