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Ep026: Connection & Community

I’m excited to share another chapter from my new book, Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating ...
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Ep025: Interview with Dr. Ritamarie

Today’s guest is the foremost expert on women’s health. She’s been helping women feel better for a very long time ...
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Ep024: Sneak peek at my new book: Heal Your Hunger

I’ve got some exciting news! My book is going to be available mid-April and I want to tell you about ...
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Ep023: Spontaneous Healing with Debora Wayne

Today's guest is my good friend and colleague, Debora Wayne. Debora specializes in helping people find and remove the hidden ...
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Ep022: 10 Things I Hate to Do but I Do Anyway

There are a lot of things I do on a daily basis that I don’t want to do. And most ...
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Ep021: Using GROOVE to heal

Misty Tripoli is an amazing soul. She healed from bulimia and self-hatred through dance. From her awakening came the unique ...
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