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Ep034: Meditation or Medication?

There are many forms of medication; overeating, drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, porn, etc. When life seems hard and we need ...
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Ep033: Heal Your Pain Now with Joe Tatta

When we experience pain in our bodies it’s easy to want to soothe ourselves with food. After all, we deserve ...
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fat head

Ep032: Do You Have Fat Head?

Fat Head: The inability to see ourselves realistically or judge our body size accurately. Most emotional eaters suffer from Fat ...
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Ep031: Is Your Child a Mindful Eater

Clients who struggle with food and weight often ask me how they can help their children avoid developing food issues ...
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Ep030: Say It or Stuff It!

That is the question! Emotional eaters typically not only stuff their feelings, but also things that they really want to ...
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Ep029: Merging Soul and Science for Nutrition

My guest today is Trish Ward, the Soulful Nutritionist. Trish helps committed individuals discover the food and lifestyle habits that ...
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