Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a leading expert on the real dangers of gluten and how to heal your body of autoimmune disease. In this lively interview, we discuss the gut, the foods we eat (and overeat), inflammation and how our brains react to what we eat. Learn why gluten and dairy are so hard for our bodies to metabolize properly and why you may be suffering from leaky gut. Dr. Tom has a such a wonderful way of explaining things that you will be eager to change your ways.

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7:35 What’s at the end of your fork [one of two options]
9:15 The connection between wildlife and our bodies
18:10 Can psychotherapy heal emotional eating?
21:08 What happens in your body when you eat wheat?
23:00 How to wean your kids off of gluten
34:40 Inoculate your gut with fermented foods
38:45 SIBO and how to heal it
40:00 The best explanation of “leaky gut” you’ve ever heard


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