What if I told you there are 6 major emotions that cause you to gain weight? Most people tend to think that only stress plays a part in weight gain. But there are several other emotions can be triggers as well.

They don’t have to be negative. Sometimes positive emotions like happiness can get the best of your eating habits.

Well, I’ve put a list together of 6 emotions that can cause weight gain so you can evaluate if one or several of these are tripping you up.

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Tweet: Anxiety is a magnet for weight gain. It’s so easy to reach for food when we’re feeling jammed up with fear. – The Heal Your Hunger Show

Tweet: Loneliness actually changes a person’s hunger hormones. The lonelier we are, the more calories we take in – The Heal Your Hunger Show

Tweet: The feeling of being deprived can manifest itself as hunger over time – The Heal Your Hunger Show

Tweet: Stress physiologically triggers fat storage in our bodies – The Heal Your Hunger Show

Tweet: Boredom can be the gateway emotion for emotional eating – The Heal Your Hunger Show