People who struggle with food and weight always want to know “What should I eat?” Yet what you should eat is not nearly as important as how can you sustain eating the foods you know to be good for you? Weight loss isn’t a good enough reason. Find out what “clean eating” means and how you can change your mind on this important chapter in my Heal Your Hunger book.

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1:10 Being spiritually stretched
2:11 Food or God?
4:43 Putting self-care success secrets to the test
06:15 What is “dirty eating” and how can it be harmful to your health?
11:25 What Clean Eating means and how it feels
12:30 How to naturally crave healthy foods
16:30 What emotional eaters deny
20:20 Tools for clean eating

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Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now