That is the question! Emotional eaters typically not only stuff their feelings, but also things that they really want to say. We judge our opinions as not valid, or as something that might embarrass us if expressed. So we say nothing. And we overeat. This has to change! In this podcast I share a few examples from my recent experience of speaking up and speaking out. By the way, Communication is one of the seven steps in my book, Heal Your Hunger, 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now.

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01:27 The impact of fear on the everyday conversations of an emotional eater.

04:15 Having initiative and speaking up is the optimal solution.

05:55 An example of speaking up from Tricia’s recent experience.

15:42 How being willing to walk away makes us feel stronger.

17:27 Laying out your concerns helps clear the air.

23:48 Overeating is the price we pay for stuffing our feelings.

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