Not much happens in this world without it. Every product we purchase depends on it. Relationships aren’t onsummated without it. Jobs aren’t obtained unless it happens. Information isn’t conveyed without. This three-letter word (it’s not the word YES, if you’re guessing) not only makes the world go around, but it is the emotional eater’s secret weapon. Master this word and the world is your oyster. And as a bonus, you won’t have to bury your feelings with food.

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2:03 Asking can transform your world
2:20 Why are we afraid to ask?
2:30 Why is asking so great?
5:03 Everything is about selling
5:57 What can asking bring?
7:07 Its time to ask!
9:16 Get over it
10:30 Spiritually nourishing
11:45 Who are you NOT to ask?

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