Today I interview the greatest influencer in my life, and the person responsible for my healing from emotional eating: spiritual healer (and my husband), Roy Nelson. Together we flesh out a very important topic: Fear and Compromise. The #1 driver of emotional eating is FEAR. When fear drives us, we make decisions that aren’t for our highest and best good. We compromise our values and sell ourselves short. When we compromise who we are, out of fear of not getting what we think we need, or losing what we hold onto so tightly, we feel bad about ourselves. And we overeat. When we come from love and faith, we reach higher and never settle for less. Tune into this important conversation and begin throwing off the fear so you can soar.

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1:34 Selling out on account of fear
2:53 Putting aside what other people think
6:04 Ways people compromise themselves
8:15 Fear of not getting anything better
9:57 Space to listen to ourselves
11:38 Awareness
12:44 Approval from others vs. approval of self
13:21 Life as a classroom
15:28 Feeling good in the moment vs. good long term

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