So often we reach for excess food, or foods that we know aren’t good for us when we’re feeling out of sorts. Some of the biggest triggers are when we’re feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired. This past weekend I attended a conference on health, where the foods served were healthy for the most part, but still presented opportunities for temptation. It was the T for Tired that wore down my defenses this time. Learn more about this pitfall and how to avoid overeating when you’re tired and out of steam.

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1:00 Recap of my Mindshare experience
4:57 We all need community
6:29 Getting worn down
8:40 Feeling tempted when defenses are down
12:50 H.A.L.T
13:39 Vigilance and forethought
18:15 Be deliberate about your self-care
20:20 Be your own best advocate

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