In my book, Heal Your Hunger, 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now, I outline 6 Self-Care Success Secrets that make all the difference when overcoming emotional eating. Without these practices, I’d be a goner! And so would our client, Kim, whom I interview for this episode. Kim shows how she went from depression, bulimia, alcohol, and sex to becoming a thriving, prospering, joyful person using these simple secrets.

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6:21 Kim’s story
8:08 Self care secrets
8:45 Praying
9:10 Readings and meditation
10:35 Praying out loud
14:00 Midday Meditation
16:40 Writing
20:20 3 Meal magic
22:45 Communication skills and sharing
24:33 Speaking up for yourself
28:44 Relationship with God

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