There may have been times when you declared to your friends, “I think I’m addicted to food.” You may have been simply joking, or you may have real fears about your dependence on food. Food addiction is real. It includes the same classic symptoms as other addictions like alcoholism and drug addiction. And yet we do tend to joke about it and keep on eating. Because we don’t drop dead after a few trips to McDonald’s, we don’t realize how destructive our emotional relationship with food can be. In this episode, find out if you’re an emotional eater, or actually addicted to food? Learn the difference between the two and where you are on the spectrum…

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5:00 Are all people emotional eaters?
6:50 Spectrum of emotional eaters
11:30 Level to which it affects your life
12:18 Most people don’t realize how severe the problem is
15:55 Alcoholics Anonymous definition of addiction
18:30 Science-based addiction symptoms
21:48 Food addiction symptoms

Take the QUIZ: Are you an emotional eater or a food addict?

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