As a kid, my favorite books to read were authored by Judy Blume. She wrote about things that mattered to a pre-pubescent and adolescent girl. Things like developing boobs, getting your period, being teased at school and having crushes on boys. I devoured her books because they were about real things that I could relate to. But once shamed for liking these books the experience became a bittersweet one. What is this tendency of emotional eaters to feel shame for things we enjoy, and how we can turn that around, now that we are adults?

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1:42 Feeling a lot of emotions
2:30 Emotional eaters are deep feelers
3:12 It’s important to feel the feelings
4:26 Judy Blume memories
8:29 Internalizing shame for things we enjoy
13:45 Shame colors everything we do
16:18 Stop diminishing the things we enjoy
19:20 Accept who you really are and following your path

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