Do you suffer from bloating, gas, IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, depression, anxiety and food cravings? Emotional eaters are especially vulnerable to digestive issues, which often are symptoms of the foods we eat. GI issues set off all kinds of other disease symptoms in our bodies. My guest, gastroenterologist Dr. Ken Brown, talks about the connection between all of these problems and how you can begin to heal your gut (and bloating) right now.

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2:12 Dr. Ken Brown introduction
4:20 Why are these conditions so rampant?
7:24 Bacteria inside the body
8:27 What is a microbiome?
9:44 Restoring the microbiome
16:37 Refined diets
19:10 Tryptophan
21:31 Foods that are good for your biome
23:30 Treating the root problem
27:55 Leaky gut and how your gut controls your brain
36:45 Healing leaky gut
39:06 Self-treating leaky gut
42:47 Addictions

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