Got questions? In this episode you’ll hear answers! In this episode you’ll hear me answer questions from my recent Facebook event. I cover questions about diet soda, the Ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, snacking pros and cons, food cravings, self-sabotage, and of course, emotional eating. Join me for this lively discussion of all things that are important for your heal your hunger journey.

See show notes and relevant links below.

0:14 Introduction
2:14 Q&A
8:05 Fasting and Ketogenic diet
17:37 Is snacking good or bad?
22:58 What’s wrong with diet soda?
28:12 Cravings at night
35:30 Why do we self-sabotage?
43:17 Top 3 emotions that contribute to emotional eating
49:59 Can I still overcome this problem?
53:50 Just a little taste

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