Do you have sleep troubles by night and food cravings by day? Losing weight while you sleep may sound too good to be true, but there is a direct correlation between inadequate sleep and weight gain. Dr. Michael Breus, known as the world’s Sleep Doctor, visits the show to talk about how you can get more restful sleep, boost your metabolism, decrease cravings and overall appetite and enjoy your life like never before. You will love all the sleep tips/hacks he offers…we all need this!

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2:30 Dr. Breus’ Story
3:44 Struggling with sleep and sleep disorders
6:56 Sleep deprivation
8:00 Sleep quiz
8:50 How does sleep deprivation affect you?
13:16 What is the right amount of sleep?
17:05 Cortisol
18:25 How to get better sleep
23:13 How to set the stage for good sleep
29:11 The “power down hour”
32:35 Sleep temperature
33:53 Melatonin
36:55 Sleeping pills
42:22 The new book!

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