Do you have ghosts from your past in the form of sexual abuse, assault or harassment that you have attempted to bury with food and fat? How’s that working out? It didn’t work so well for me, either. Scars from my sexual past drove me to hurt myself with food, time and time again. In this show I share about my own experience with sexual abuse that has shaped who I am today, and the bumpy road I’ve traveled to heal. Let’s face it together. Because in order to heal your hunger, you’ve got to heal your past.

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5:50 My experience as a child
6:20 Hurt people hurt people.
14:50 Losing my virginity
16:30 Feeling shame
20:13 Self-esteem of sticking up for oneself
26:13 Write about it, talk about it, pray about it
27:13 Forgiveness
31:00 Holding onto anger

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