Do you stress-eat? So often, emotional eaters are stress-eating, and it’s over stress THEY are creating, themselves! Worrying, fretting, controlling, “playing God” in our lives (and other people’s lives) cause all kinds of stress and fear that drive us to the kitchen looking for relief. But trusting in the divine order of the universe, knowing deep down in our hearts that there is a benevolent force guiding us and watching out for our highest and best good can ease all that fear. When we trust that there is an order to everything that happens and we trust that everything will work out, we save ourselves the stress that causes health issues, disease and overeating. Let’s explore how we can “surrender” to this flow and be carried instead of pulled.

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5:14 Divine Order and the divine flow
6:30 Getting yourself out of the way
8:25 My Austin trip
10:12 Following guidance
13:00 Letting go of the stress
15:40 It’s what we do with what we have
16:35 Trusting it will be alright
17:40 Connecting to invisible forces
19:20 Coming from a place of love
20:00 The Daily Word
21:40 Divine order is who we are
24:20 One day at a time
27:50 Surrendering
28:50 Remember, It’s all in Divine Order

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