Do you have fear? Do you attempt to squash the fear or try to be fearless? Most people attempt to escape their fears by overeating, drinking, spending money, overworking, etc. There are many destructive ways that people cope with fear that often creates even more fear, and sickness, to boot. My guest, Kristen Ulmer, was the top female extreme skier for 12 years, jumping off of cliffs and doing life-threatening acrobatics in the air. For the past 15 years she’s been a student of Zen and she has discovered a way to make peace with fear, rather than combat it. This is a mind-bending interview…it will change the way you think about fear forever.

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0:20 Kristen’s Introduction
2:12 The fear of fear itself
2:56 Kristen’s Story
4:14 Overcoming and repressing fear
7:30 We are supposed to feel fear
9:50 Learning to feel the fear
13:50 Anxiety
15:18 ‘Overcome’
20:39 The way that we treat fear
22:40 How to address fear
32:37 End the winnable war
34:25 Pealing back the layers
38:00 Changing language
42:50 Brokering a relationship with fear
46:52 Why you may not start a fear practice

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