I believe we all have angels around us. But I’m not talking about angels with long, billowing robes that carry harps. I’m talking about real people in our lives that say just the right thing at the right time, those who cause us to take a look at ourselves so we can grow, and those whom God is using to guide us and protect us. There’s no need for struggle when we can pay attention to the angels in our lives and learn what they are here to teach us. In today’s show, I talk about how to recognize your angels and how you can get help from them, every day.

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1:36 What are angels?
3:24 Angels are everywhere
5:16 Being aware of how God is working through others
6:02 Follow your heart
7:41 Being in a position to hear
8:30 Showing up and getting out there
9:45 Connecting with others
12:20 Perspective
14:30 Watch out for them and tune in
17:15 Be an angel in others’ lives

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