Do you dread spending time with in-laws or other family members? Do you always end up feeling hurt by something someone said, or left out of a conversation? Do you console yourself by nibbling throughout the evening and wind feeling stuffed and still unsatisfied? Spending time with family can be different this holiday season. Practice these Do’s and Don’ts and watch your family gathering turn into something you actually enjoy, without needing excess food to endure it.

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1:46 Before you get together with family . . .
2:35 Focus on having a good time
5:27 Limiting your time
6:58 Not having expectations
8:40 Don’t neglect your needs
11:08 Don’t try to be liked
12:20 Don’t expect people can read your mind
14:03 Don’t gossip
15:13 Ask questions and listen
16:00 Be of service
16:47 Praise and compliment
17:45 Take a time out
19:35 Accept people as they are

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