Are you getting more forgetful with age? You may assume that getting older means losing memory, gaining weight, getting tired, and declining in health…you might also think that having to take multiple medications is a “natural”process of aging. Well that’s about to change! My interview with Dr. Steven Masley is fascinating. He’s a physician, nutritionist, trained chef, and author – and he’s dedicated himself to helping thousands of people improve cognitive function, and prevent (and even reverse) memory loss.

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0:22 Dr. Steven Masley Intro
2:00 Memory loss
3:35 How the brain works
5:38 Having a better brain
7:03 Foods effect on brain function
10:17 Feeding your brain
15:30 Exercise
16:45 Sleep
18:30 Preventing memory loss
19:52 Meditation
21:38 Oxytocin levels
22:20 Recipes for a better brain
24:15 Cooked vs. raw vegetables
25:45 Supplements to help the brain

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