A big source of the pain, frustration, guilt and anger that we often bury with excess food or disordered eating comes from our relationships. So often we have made assumptions and judgments about other people and then operated within the context of our judgments. But there is always more going on in the relationship than we can see, or are willing to see. And much of what happens is inside of us. What is inside of you that you’re bringing to the table regarding your relationships? In this episode I share what I was bringing to the table and invite you to be amazed as you begin to look from a new perspective at what you might bringing to the table, as well.

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2:23 What do you use to color your experiences?
4:00 My sister
5:24 What I brought to the table with my sister
8:12 Where are you bringing the negative self image to the table?
8:45 How I colored my experience with my parents.
13:11 Am I bringing my insecurities to the table?
13:40 Where are we doing this to others?

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