We celebrate our 100th show with some really cool guests and so much FUN! Guests Chef Allison Schaaf from PrepDish.com, leading holistic gastroenterologist Dr. Ken Brown, founder of Atrantil for bloating, and Stephen Ezell with MyGreenFills.com visit the show to take questions and give away prizes. Wanna feel great? Listen to this episode and learn all the ways you can improve your health and have fun at the same time!

See show notes and relevant links below.

3:13 Tricia’s journey with emotional eating
7:45 The Anatomy of An Emotional Eater
9:00 People-pleasing and other traits
15:00 Chef Allison Schaaf and Prepdish.com
18:50 The worst time to make a choice about dinner
19:50 The biggest stumbling blocks to cooking
19:35 Allison’s Prepdish.com options
21:00 Time and meal prep
21:45 Your Mindset: Prepping or Bingeing?
23:10 How to enjoy prepping food
28:20 Dr. Ken Brown introduction
28:00 Your microbiome and emotional eating
29:10 What about weight loss surgery?
30:25 Brain and gut communication
32:20 Happiness and the gut
34:35 Dr. Ken’s product: Atrantil
35:55 Over the counter probiotics and gummies
37:00 Are fiber tablets OK?
37:35 Dr. Ken’s advice for colonics
38:45 What about Kombucha?
39:30 Leaky gut, the brain, and autoimmunity
43:00 What about constipation?
44:10 Can bacteria cause hunger?
45:40 “Entertainment water”, do they count as water?
48:00 Stephen Ezell introduction
49:20 Stephen’s son’s rash and laundry detergent
51:20 Saving the planet by selling soap online
53:00 Non-toxic wash and rinse
53:55 Why fabtric softeners are blue and green (YUCK!)
54:55 Stephen’s “Dryer Angels”
1:01:00 Thank you so much!

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