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Top 5 Health Hacks That Will Support Your Weight Loss Journey

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1. Adopt a Meditation Practice:I started meditating 32 years ago, and it has been a daily part of my life ever since. I teach clients how to develop their own meditation routine, and I tell them not to judge their meditation. (Everyone judges themselves when they start meditating, which leads to discouragement and giving up.) [...]

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5 Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar

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Every day many people add a little, seemingly harmless, white substance to their coffee, tea, cereal, and smoothies. Sugar sweetens our food and brings us pleasure. You wouldn’t criminalize eating sugar. After all, sugar is legal and part of the average diet, right?  The truth is that in the past few years several studies have [...]

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Can you stop disease and reverse aging by eating foods with polyphenols?

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There is a ton of information out there about antioxidants. Whereas many health topics are here today and gone tomorrow antioxidants are here to stay. There are three families of antioxidants. These are carotenoids, allyl sulfides, and polyphenols. Eating colorful foods is a good way of making sure you are eating enough polyphenols. It isn’t [...]

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Is Food Addiction Real? 

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It was a typical Friday night. After a long week of work, and of stressing and feeling down on myself about just about anything and everything, I stopped at the store and purchased my favorite binge foods: Popcorn, cookies, ice cream (2 pints, because I know myself, and one isn’t enough), Hershey’s kisses, a few [...]

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How to De-Stress in 90 Seconds Or Less

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Stress is a huge contributing factor to emotional eating.  It leaves us feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, and makes us reach for food to stuff down those uncomfortable feelings. The good news is there are some simple ways to self-soothe and get control during stressful times. These tips can instantly reduce the emotional impact of a situation, [...]

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Could Emotional Eating Be the Cause of Your Weight Loss Struggles?

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Are you frustrated and discouraged because over and over you hear about “the ultimate weight loss solution”, “the magic cure for belly fat”, and the “5 second exercise plan that melts away pounds”? If you’ve tried any of these they likely didn’t work, or you wouldn’t be reading this now. If you have chronically struggled [...]

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5 Reasons Why Friends Can Help You Succeed

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Studies increasingly find that friendship and a sense of community can provide a higher quality of life and overall well-being. Research conducted amongst older people in Australia showed that social networks can even contribute to a longer life. If friends can make us happy, why do so many of us with emotional eating tendencies avoid [...]

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5 Secrets to Being Nicer to Yourself

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You have a goal. Somehow you have to motivate yourself to achieve it. If you don’t have  a full-time coach to hold you accountable, which do you think is more effective: The whip or the carrot? The whip of self-criticism might seem like a more direct and effective method than the warm and fuzzy motivation [...]

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Do You Have SIBO? This Little Talked About Condition Could Be Wreaking Havoc On Digestive System

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Millions of Americans suffer from IBS, but very few doctors talk about what could be the underlying cause. IBS is a symptom that can point to other potential problems in the body that need to be dealt with. In fact, IBS is so common that Chris Kresser, author of The Paleo Cure said it is [...]

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8 Simple Ways To Feel Happier Right Now

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Everybody wants a quick fix to make their lives better. It seems like everything that will make life better exists “out there.” I would be happier if people were nicer to each other, if my job wasn’t so stressful, if those stupid diets actually worked, if I had a better car, if I had the [...]