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Women, Food, and God

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It seems like people are awakening to the truth that the relationship between women and food is a pretty intense one. That’s why books and movies featuring the complexities of this issue are so appetizing. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) After all, what is it about food that makes us so compelled to overindulge? Why [...]

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Omega 3 vs Omega 6

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We have a love-hate relationship with oils: they make our food taste great, but with their high fat content, it is quite easy to pack on the pounds if we aren’t careful. Although there is lots of information on oils, a lot of it is quite confusing. This makes a simple task, like choosing a [...]

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Are You Listening To Your Body’s Wisdom?

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Good communication is the basis of a healthy relationship. But did you know that your relationship and communication with your body is important for your emotional wellbeing? Your body communicates all the time, not just about physical needs like thirst or sleep, but about your emotional state, or specifically, the impact of your emotional state [...]

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Managing Holiday Overwhelm

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If you’re feeling immense pressure and stress, rather than excitement, about the holiday season, you’re not alone. A clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School says that the holidays intensify all feelings, including “anxiety, depression, and family discord.” So, it makes sense that amongst the merriment, joy and family get-togethers, a lot of us [...]

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10 Simple Self-Care Secrets for Slimming Down

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When “experts” lecture us on weight loss, it’s usually all about exercise, calories, and carbs. While that’s good information, I’d like to offer some other tips that don’t usually make the diet books, from one compulsive eater to another.  They will require some effort, but I have found them to be absolutely essential to proper [...]

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A 60-Second Way To Create Positive Change

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Have you ever felt paralyzed by the prospect of change? On an intellectual level, we all know that change is inevitable (in fact it’s constant) and that to get what we want out of life, some changes are necessary. But knowing it isn’t enough. There has to be a way to make change fun and [...]

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How To (Painlessly) Design A Morning Routine to Help You Lose Weight

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Imagine this…...by the time you shake off the morning cobwebs and head off to work that you’ve already completed 5-10 positive actions that move you towards your weight loss goal! What if all of these tasks were completed almost unconsciously? What if it was as simple and routine as fixing your morning coffee? THAT is [...]

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Too Much Information? 4 Ways It Limits Our Decisions

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In your previous searches for a weight loss solution, have you found just one option that worked for you and stuck with it?  Your focus most likely quickly shifted to something new that caught your eye. Or, in researching, you found several more options to consider, and the quantity of information you found completely stalled [...]

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Wait… Isn’t Self-Care Self-Indulgent?

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Are you unsure of the difference between self-indulgence and self-compassion? You’re not alone! I’m going to give you the short version first, and then I’ll expand on it. This way you can rest assured that when you put yourself first, you’re doing yourself a kindness.   Self-Indulgence vs. Self-Care Self-indulgence is an immediate-gratification tactic that [...]

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Say It Or Stuff It!

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As emotional eaters, we tend to not only stuff our faces, but we stuff a lot of other things, too. We stuff our feelings, opinions, and many of the things that we really want to say. Since I was a kid I’ve been afraid of speaking my mind. I grew up in a family where [...]