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The Truth About Lack of Connection and Emotional Eating

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I recently read something that struck a chord in my heart: “Not all addictions are rooted in abuse or trauma, but I do believe they can all be traced to painful experience. A hurt is at the centre of all addictive behaviours. It is present in the gambler, the Internet addict, the compulsive shopper and [...]

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The Real Reason 98% of All Diets Fail

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Fun food fact: if you put lemons and limes in water, lemons will float and limes will sink. Lemons float even though they are heavier than limes. Lemons are larger, but they have a lower density than limes, and their rinds have dimples that trap air that helps them float. Limes are smaller, denser, and [...]

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Saying is Believing: 3 Steps to Being Nicer to Yourself

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The story you tell yourself reflects what you believe, and what you expect will happen. What you repeatedly say to and about yourself usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t matter what you believe. If you believe something, reinforce it with repetition and act on that belief. It will quickly become your reality! Good news/bad [...]

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How Gut Imbalance Can Keep You Irritable, Sick and Tired, and How to Improve in 30-Days (or Less)

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You’re outnumbered. There are close to 10 times as many bacteria cells than human cells in your body. In that sense, you are almost more bacteria than you are human! Taking care of the good bacteria and adjusting imbalances in your gut is key to fighting a laundry list of disorders. These include obesity, depression, [...]

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Do Emotional Eaters Have (Busy) Body Issues?

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Are cravings getting the better of you? You’ve heard me say before, food isn’t the issue. The root cause of many cravings, and emotional eating, goes way beyond what you put in your mouth. One answer to uncontrollable cravings can come from an uncomfortable place. You may be a busybody. Who, Me? A Busybody?? Emotional [...]

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The Harsh Reality of Making Comparisons

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We all do it sometimes: we look at others and wish we had what they have. Or we judge them and think of ourselves as superior. It’s human nature to covet a neighbor’s greener grass and  judge another neighbor’s dust and weeds. Intellectually, we know that comparisons don’t serve us. But we do it anyway [...]

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Tiny Self-Love Tips Based on a Poem by Charlie Chaplin

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In 1959, for his 70th birthday, silent film actor and philosopher Charlie Chaplin composed a poem to himself: an anthem of self-love that can help you transform your life. (The text in BOLD are Charlie’s words.  The rest are mine.) As I Began To Love Myself As I began to love myself I found that [...]

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Do You Change the Toilet Paper Roll?

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(It’s an odd subject, I know! But there are some spiritual lessons here, I promise!) It all started when I was a child. I was well cared for and loved by my parents. I had it pretty easy. I didn’t have chores per se, just the basic “kid” responsibilities: picking up my room, making by [...]

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3 Powerful and Proven Benefits of Meditation

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In my post 6 Steps to a Peaceful Meditation Practice (view here), I discussed how easy it is to start meditating. As previously mentioned, meditation is a practice and something I recommend that you strive to do daily in order to see results. I wanted to follow up on that piece with a few recent [...]

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3 Ways Exercise Helps Your Brain and Boosts Confidence

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3 Ways Exercise Helps Your Brain and Boosts Confidence Whatever your reasons for disliking exercise, it may be time to reframe your thinking from something you do for your physical appearance to something you do for your mental health. Advances in technology and medicine have allowed researchers to shift their primary focus away from the [...]