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Why you SHOULD cry over spilled milk (and everything else)

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In today’s culture we are encouraged to “suck it up” and push forward when something doesn’t go our way or if something emotional happens. This is especially true for the males in our society. However, there is strong evidence to suggest that letting yourself have a good cry has many benefits, including reducing inflammation, recovering [...]

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Taking the Work Out of Working Out

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Cornell University found that if you perceive exercise to be fun, you are more likely to eat less afterward. Whereas, if you perceive exercise to be work (as in, “I worked so hard, I deserve an extra helping!”) you are more likely to eat more afterward. So when you say to yourself “I should work [...]

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11 Ways To Feel Happier While Being In Service

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Everyone feels down from time to time, especially emotional eaters.  We may try to do some fun activities or take some quiet time to help ourselves feel better.  Unfortunately, sometimes we also binge.  As emotional eaters, we tend to go to food first when we feel down.  However, we can make healthier choices to bring [...]

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How Mindfulness Helps You Find Ease and Flow

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Life is busy. Most of us have become multi-taskers, rushing through tasks, always planning and thinking about the next thing. But focusing on the future diminishes the experience of the moment. While “getting something done today so you can relax tomorrow” sounds like a brilliant idea that fuels achievement, it causes you to rush through [...]

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How to End Nighttime Eating

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Seventy-five percent of emotional eaters surveyed said that evening (after work and later) is the hardest time to resist overeating. Sound familiar? Stress from the day, loneliness, boredom, and all kinds of uncomfortable emotions tend to bubble up once the workday is over and the brain isn’t as stimulated. That’s one of the reasons people [...]

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Three Life-Changing and Practical Self-Love Tips

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You’ve probably read those list blogs that offer 25 or 100 ways to love yourself more… and you’ve probably said to yourself, “I don’t have time.”  Who does?? Many of those tips are not practical. They’re out of touch with the reality of modern busy lifestyles. What does “do something new” really mean on a [...]

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Four Effective Naturopathic Pain Treatments

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As we get older, aches and pains can become an increasing part of everyday life. Whether it is a twinge in your knee when you bend, or an ache in your shoulder that just won’t go away, these everyday nuisances make life a little harder. You are not alone; more than 1 in 10 Americans [...]

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Superfoods: What to Eat and What to Avoid

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The word superfood gets thrown around so often that the word super has all but lost any power it had. We need an upgrade...Ultrafood? Megafood??? But what’s in a name? Is a superfood by any other name still just as nutritious? Just because it’s a buzzword doesn’t mean you have to have it. You can [...]

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6 Steps to a Peaceful Meditation Practice

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Meditation is becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still skeptical. It is hard to understand how stillness and silence can not only lessen your anxiety, but substantially alter your brain. After all, the reason why people keep themselves so busy is because they are running away from their thoughts. They are accustomed to jumping [...]

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Is Saturated Fat Good Or Bad for You?

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Have you ever wondered why store shelves are full of fat-free products? It might seem obvious at first glance. People are overweight and want to lose fat. Logically, they buy products with low and no fat to stop unneeded fat from creeping onto their dinner plate. The simple fact is that fat, and especially saturated [...]