Probably the hardest symptom (and cause) of emotional eating is fear. Fear holds us back from participating in life, from being social, from claiming our good. Fear makes us doubt ourselves so that we hold back, causing us to miss opportunities for success and for love. Fear makes us play small and stay quiet. It’s time to face our fears and stop living small. Learn how spiritual healer, Roy Nelson, once crippled by panic attacks and phobias, has learned to draw on feelings of love to overcome his limiting beliefs and fears.

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2:40 Roy and Tricia’s journey
5:10 Fear in its many manifestations
8:42 The solution is love
11:11 How to come to love from fear
14:05 Desperation is what drives us
17:23 The one way out
18:30 How to handle fear of people
21:30 Why it’s scary to seek help

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