If it’s healthy, it’s OK to eat, right? As emotional eaters, we often look for excuses to eat slippery foods…a study or a doctor’s advice that permits us to indulge in foods that may cause us to lose control. It’s time to get hip to the myth of food labels, such as “gluten-free” and “sugar-free”, as well as learn to spot the rationalizations unsafe choices that cause us untold grief and weight gain.

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1:15 Congrats to the contest winners!
6:55 Overeating on healthy foods
13:08 Eureka! Whole Foods makes fattening, unhealthy foods!
13:24 Tricia’s Whole Foods’ binges
14:20 Needs as an emotional eater
16:05 Don’t take health advice blindly from anyone
17:48 Labeling as a marketing hook
20:27 My husband and I eat different foods
21:42 Your Divine Physician

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