Exercise…if you avoid it like the plague, you’ll love this show. And if you don’t mind exercise, but can’t find the time, you’ll be glad you listened. My friend, Debra Atkinson, does a great job of breaking down the step to strength training, so it’s easy to do, something you can do in your home while watching T.V. and something that you can achieve in only 10 minutes. No sweat-filled, meat market gyms required! Get started now, in a few simple steps!

See show notes and relevant links below.

1:44 Debra’s introduction
3:23 Debra’s story
9:22 The importance of strength training
18:12 Adding to existing habits
18:48 Finding the right size dumbbells for you
21:31 Achieving muscle fatigue
21:37 Layering
24:19 How Debra works with clients
27:51 The Five Day Flip

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