In this episode I share about my recent Airbnb experience which taught me some important lessons about that voice inside of me. It’s that “inspiration” that guides us, directs us and protects us…when we let it. You have this voice inside of you, and success in overcoming emotional eating depends on our listening to it, and following through. Here I share an example of when I didn’t listen…and when I did.

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1:12 Following our heart
2:21 My recent experience with Airbnb
4:45 What happens when you don’t listen to your voice
8:00 Standing for yourself
9:55 If it’s not a “hell yes”, it’s a no
12:10 When you’re afraid to make waves
13:15 No price tag on self-esteem
13:55 Emotional eating doesn’t “just happen”
15:30 How to hear that voice is inside of you

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