Is it an eating disorder, or an emotional management disorder? Emotional eaters overeat to avoid uncomfortable feelings and my guest today, psychologist Dr. Joan Rosenberg, discusses the 8 primary feelings that cause most of our problems. These feelings (and our avoidance of these feelings) drive our actions and reactions to life and managing these feelings is the key to successful living. This was such a fun chat and a great topic for people like us!

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0:38 Dr. Joan’s background
3:40 Mastering difficult feelings
4:33 The 8 feelings outcomes
6:30 Shame
8:50 What causes internalizing?
12:00 Being in charge of the bad feelings
14:00 Confronting the feelings
18:15 Persisting through the 90 seconds
20:13 Reactivating the feelings
21:44 Grief
22:33 Embarrassment
23:20 What is it I can learn from this?

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