Emotional eaters are orally fixated. We like to chew, suck, lick, slurp and consume. But when you’re trying to less and choose only healthy foods you might look for something to fill you besides food. Are substitute “fixes” like gum, mints, and flavored drinks OK? Or are they a GATEWAY DRUG to the ooey, gooey foods you really crave?

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1:02 Oral fixations
2:10 Freedom is a daily thing
3:07 My experience with gum, mints and flavored drinks
3:55 If that is your worst vice, you are doing ok
4:07 Is Diet Coke addictive?
4:35 An escape is an escape is an escape
5:30 One leads to another
9:50 Look for the pain
11:30 PEP: Pain, Escape, Punishment
12:55 Your opportunity to explore yourself
15:40 Anything that stands in the way of healing

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