Have you been betrayed? Did someone pull the rug right out from under you, leaving you to pick up the pieces? Betrayal will break your spirit, whether it’s from a spouse, a family member or someone else you trusted. It can also cause a downward spiral in your health and trigger massive weight gain. My guest, Debi Silber, PhD candidate and founder of the Post-Betrayal Transformation Institute, talks about what it takes to heal from betrayal and rebuild your life. (A life much better than the one you had before!)

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2:05 What betrayal means
7:40 The difference between transformation and resilience.
11:25 What is a betrayal from family look like?
12:30 The 5 stages of post betrayal transformation
13:10 Breakdown
15:10 Rebuilding
16:16 Physical and mental connection
17:25 Spirituality
21:06 Forgiveness
22:40 How to find forgiveness

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