Emotional eaters don’t only have body issues, we have BUSY BODY issues! If you want to know where your cravings come from…you gotta tune into your inner busy body. Because we create stress when our issues aren’t in check. Temptations to rescue, “help” and gossip cause problems that stress us out and drive us to eat. Making this one change may be uncomfortable, but it will automatically reduce weight on your mind…and your body! I promise!

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0:49 What the heck are busy body issues?
1:50 My favorite saying that keeps me out of trouble.
3:30 Looking for stress and chaos.
5:45 Know when to fold ‘em.
7:20 The truth about ego.
8:03 The price for stepping into drama.
9:25 Calling all control freaks.
10:25 Is the price worth it?
12:33 Beware of the martyr trap.
13:40 Are you a rescuer?
17:20 Recognize when it is not your monkey

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