Stumped on what to cook for dinner? Stressed about how to feed your family healthy meals? Meal planning is one of the hardest parts of eating healthy, and often causes a breakdown in healthy habits. My guest on this show is Allison Schaaf, founder of, an amazing meal prep and recipe service that makes planning and prepping meals ahead of time easy. Her recipes are delicious and help you stay on track with your health goals. Check out why this way of eating is so successful and actually makes being healthy…fun!

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1:15 Why is Allison so passionate about meal planning?
1:43 All about
4:55 How long does a prepared meal take?
5:24 Allison’s favorite dishes
6:15 Organization makes things easy and lasts
8:15 The types of meals offers
9:36 Raw and cooked?
12:05 Where to shop for your meals
13:33 What breakfast looks like
14:55 How to feed picky eaters

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