Who would have imagined that this emotional eater, who has binged on 1000’s of calories in one sitting (and not on salads), would become hooked on…brussel sprouts? Thank God for recovery, and for this sweet and slightly bitter, peculiar vegetable! In today’s show I talk about mouth-watering ways to enjoy russel sprouts, Trader Joe’s pre-roasted version (no washing, cutting or peeling!), and the many benefits of eating this crazy cruciferous. Yum!

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0:23 Brussel Sprouts!
0:51 Roasted are the best
2:30 Amazing facts about brussel sprouts
4:31 Trader Joe’s roasted brussel sprouts
5:00 Raw takes some work
7:17 How to sauté them
8:48 The possible drawback of brussel sprouts
10:45 Easy and good choices are important

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