It was an honor to have my friend and mentor, JJ Virgin, on the show to discuss the real truth about sugar. And she should know…JJ is the bestselling author of the Sugar Impact Diet and The Virgin Diet and has helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health with her easy solutions to food intolerance. You’ll love JJ’s energy and straight talk about why sugar is sabotaging your health.

See show notes and relevant links below.

0:55 The sugar problem
1:24 The virgin Diet
3:40 Going cold turkey
3:35 The swaps
9:50 Categories of swaps
12:00 Fiber
13:10 Genes and training
16:00 Treat it like a drug
16:58 Sugar substitutes
21:15 Waking up your sweet tooth
22:30 Hungry for sugar
23:30 Dried, juiced and jammed
24:40 Corn and sugar
26:55 The differences between fruits and vegetables
28:07 Food intolerance

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