The very first week of college I met a new friend who remained my buddy until we both left school. I lost touch with him for over 25 years, and recently found him again, only this time he had a new name and a very interesting calling. Swami Yogananda is a monk at the Los Angeles Vedanta Center, a monastery just a stone’s throw from Hollywood. Swami was kind enough to accept my invitation to be interviewed on the show. It was fun to talk about the commonalities, and a few differences, in our spiritual lives and views.

Check out the show notes below, and listen to the podcast on your favorite app here! 

Show Notes

1:18 Swami Yogananda Introduction
2:18 Our history together
5:17 A spiritual journey
6:01 Swami Yogananda’s journey
7:20 Living as a monk before officially becoming a monk
9:27 Whatever you do, do it all the way
11:05 Letting go of the material world
12:10 Extracting happiness out of other people
13:45 A longing for fulfillment
14:58 The completeness is here all along
16:00 Meditation
22:45 Disciplining the mind to focus
24:30 The four principles of Vedanta
27:40 There is no sin, only error
31:3o The temple

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