In this episode I review my last three top favorite “fast foods” from Trader Joe’s (and elsewhere). It’s easy to think that eating healthy isn’t possible when you’re always in a rush, but these favorite foods make it easy to cook a healthy meal and to even eat a truly nutritious energy bar…that won’t make you crave another one. Be prepared with healthy foods that taste good and feel good in (and on) your body!

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Show Notes

0:23 My holiday weekend
0:51 Going to see bad movies
3:00 Why movies are great for emotional eaters
4:03 Movies and popcorn?
5:45 Grilled cauliflower
6:22 How I cook it
6:40 Goddess dressing
7:28 Organic rainbow cauliflower
8:16 Ways to cook it
8:50 How to eat healthy on the run
9:29 The Epic Bar…Wow!
10:16 Tasty way to get your protein
11:10 Why health bars can be addictive

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