Envy is one of those unpleasant emotions that no one likes to feel. Feeling jealous of another’s good fortune can consume us and makes us forget our own blessings. Worse, it can drive us to overeat. In this episode I discuss how to turn the troubling emotions of envy, jealousy and competitiveness into feelings of love and gratitude.

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Show Notes

1:00 Envy
1:39 The spiral downward
2:12 Dousing emotions with food
3:09 Why envy is such a tough emotion.
3:44 Judging ourselves for having these emotions
5:15 Accept your emotions
5:50 You are not bad for being afraid
6:16 Self-pity
8:16 Notice the good thing in your life
9:10 Dig in to your emotions
10:05 Out-of-control ego
11:25 The short-lived high of a win
12:25 “Baby feelings”
15:32 Solutions for envy

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