Tired of being a wallflower? Want more confidence to speak up and be seen? My guest, Angela Chee, is a former TV news anchor/reporter. Now, as a Media/On-Camera and Communication Coach and Founder of “YOU, Amplified!™ Angela shows people how to own their power and their voice. This fun interview will help you get “on your dime” so you can make a bigger impact in the world, whether it’s on stages and on camera or simply when you’re talking to your friends and family.

Right now Angela only works privately with her VIP clients and corporate, but wanted to put together a special retreat to help women get results before the end of year.
It’s for women ready to step up into the spotlight and want to feel more clear, confident and connected on-camera and off. Limited to 10. Calls start November 1st. 1 day in person on-camera retreat Dec. 6th in San Diego.



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