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I have known Tricia for over 15 years now and I can honestly say that she has been one of the most influential people in my life. Love, compassion and truth are the words that come to mind when I think about Tricia. Her own journey through pain and suffering matched with a real solution, [...]

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Tricia knows more about why people relate to food the way they do and more about why people obsess over ridiculous little things than anyone I’ve ever met.  With the lessons that she’s taught me I’ve changed my whole life. The education, guidance, friendship and love she has for people who are suffering from their [...]

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Tricia changed my life. She showed me how to get honest, communicate effectively and build real self-esteem so I no longer needed to abuse myself with food and bulimia. My life has been forever changed on account of the love, guidance and insight Tricia has so generously provided me. her consciousness is contagious.

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Thank you. Can't wait to share this information. It is so, so good!!! Wish I could have had this info. when my babies were little and I desperately wanted to change my life.

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Tricia has helped me in so many ways. From the first time I heard Tricia speak, she has been an inspiration. I felt that if she could lose 50 pounds and keep it off for over 20 years, then I could too. Tricia’s wisdom has heped me over and over again throughout the years. She [...]

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Tricia is kind, caring and extremely generous. She’s also frank. What I love about Tricia is that she provides me with very thoughtful and purposeful input that allows me to look at myself more honestly and then take action steps to make my life better.

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Tricia is kind, compassionate, energetic and wise. Tricia is my go to person when stress from work or my relationships threaten to derail the positive rhythm of my life. I am grateful that her experience, knowledge and well-honed tools always help me to identify the true sources of my hunger and stay on track. Thank [...]

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Tricia is gentle and nurturing to listen to as she has real, genuine experience to share. She is sympathetic and loyal and a pure light of love. Tricia gives generously and can help expand the way you see things. To experience Tricia is to be blessed!

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When Tricia Nelson came into my life, I was a hopeless and helpless over-indulger. My behaviors were out of control and my emotions completely unregulated. After only a few conversations with Tricia, I began to have a deeper understanding of what truly was driving the destruction in my life. Her insight and guidance have healed [...]